Talent Perspectives is about being different, creating something new and inspiring, helping individuals and organizations achieve their highest potential. We will work in partnership with you to create an environment where ideas are generated and where networks of people are inspired to take responsibility for their own creativity and innovation.

This is achieved through facilitated brainstorms, team meetings and personal coaching. We bring groups of people together to think laterally and progressively and to help companies manage and plan for success.

We enjoy the stimulus of working with our clients on new product development, solution seeking and idea generation. This can be illustrated by the number of times clients ask to  ‘borrow our brains’ for a day.

We work globally and seek to make connections across different business communities, we are hunter-gatherers of knowledge and information. We strive to be original, we are not afraid of being first, but equally can see the value of sometimes being second.

We link with other centres of creativity in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US to share ideas and links through our Directory of Inspiration.

We see every conversation as an opportunity to listen, explore and make creative suggestions, why not start a conversation with us today?


“That was different, I couldn’t have got that anywhere else!”